Twenty-first centuries is all about transforming towards a digitization that can result tremendous impact on the way IT organization perform and the way service are delivered to business user.
Keeping an eye on this paradigm organizations are focusing on cloud to avail the benefit from scalability, effectiveness, cost-efficiencies that cloud computing facilitate.A digital Workplace streamlines your internal communications and allows common use of Basic Documents.
Through the Digital Workplace Can People lot easier Working in teams, workgroups, projects … It Makes moreover for THAT existing knowledge within an Enterprise Fast Sharing Is.

SharePoint Services

We at CoolTalent offer the following:
  • SharePoint Consulting Services
  • SharePoint Application Development Services
  • SharePoint Application Migration and Deployment Services
  • SharePoint Application Integration Services

SharePoint Consultancy

iData’s SharePoint consultancy services have all the experience and backup needed to successfully help you deliver a SharePoint project, be it a simple site structure to complex development requirements.

SharePoint Development

Creating bespoke SharePoint applications is a speciality of iData. We have created some wonderful programs over the years which have enabled our clients to produce projects difficult to achieve with traditional programming. Using SharePoint as a development platform is a good idea and many companies should consider it over traditional development techniques because of its easy accessibility and often faster production of parts.

Business Process Programming

We can take your business process or capture it ourselves and put it right into SharePoint – making it instantly accessible to your entire workforce. Track the cycle of a process in detail or just get informed of changes to documents. As complex or as simple as you need SharePoint is extremely flexible.

SharePoint Branding

want your SharePoint site to look as good as your website? Want it to have your company logo and corporate branding? iData can make SharePoint look amazing and a pleasure to work with. Goodbye battleship grey dull interface – hello SharePoint!

SharePoint Support

be it from a day to day as part of your IT support or as part of a project team developing and administering SharePoint. If you need SharePoint support – you’ve found it.

What CoolTalent Provides

CoolTalent offers end-to-end SharePoint services irrespective of any verticals to transform the way organization leverage information technology. Our approach focus well balanced on all aspects of service delivery model that result with minimal total cost reduction and maximum return on investment (ROI).


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