Java Application Development & Maintenance

Java Application
Development & Maintenance

The primary focus of the Java division of the company is to help our clients to better harness Java solutions
at the grass root level. Building products with Java technology development has its very own specialties and nuances.
There are large sets of patterns built in this area. Mastering Java implies mastering these patterns.

Full-Service Java Solutions provider

As a full-service Java Solutions provider, we specialize in delivering scalable, transactional applications. We understand your business and enterprise needs and customize the java solutions accordingly. Our innovative and efficient team’s dedication to provide clients with novel solutions that also challenge our developmental capabilities sets us apart from our counterparts. By understanding your business, your goals and your vision, we can work with you to make the right technology choices in CoolTalent. Thus, we provide the trusted advisors and experienced delivery teams needed to make it work. Java technology development requires complete understanding of your business needs and accordingly devising java solutions that are secure, scalable and reliable.
At CoolTalent , we believe in adopting a comprehensive 360 degree approach that focuses from scratch on each and every aspect of the java technology development process. We capitalize on our expertise in Java consulting and take responsibility for ensuring the success of the full life-cycle development. We utilize open source application frameworks to build applications, which are robust, reliable and guarantees optimum performance. These applications are tailor-made to suit the specifications and requirements of your business objectives. The core focus is on always ensuring implementation of Service-Oriented systems using SOA standards. The other core aspect is integrating enterprise applications with various different social media websites such as MySpace and Facebook.
The Java consulting team at CoolTalent is proficient and experienced to create and manage applications aptly and accordingly adapt with the fast changing technological advancements. They are equipped to work on existing applications and transform them to meet your future business objectives and expectations. Hence, the java consulting team specializes in complete integration of open and legacy systems. The team can easily upgrade the level of performance to match the requirements of open source Java solutions. Quality and efficiency are the requisites for a successful development and implementation of java software solutions. Any type of technological development remains inadequate if it lacks quality and efficiency and in turn hampers the growth of one’s business. We at CoolTalent understand the criticality of delivering a product that is of par excellence and efficient in every respect. Hence, our endeavors are concentrated on building technologies that are at par with the global giants in the industry and can compete with the best available Java solutions in the market. A product’s success also depends on the turn around time and therefore it becomes imperative for us to always meet the deadline that it was agreed upon. Quality, excellence and performance are evident at each and every stage of development and implementation of Java solution.


  • Implementing complex systems that are secure, scalable,and flexible
  • Full life-cycle development of Java applications utilizing open source application frameworks
  • Design and implementation of Service-Oriented systems using SOA standards
  • Integrating enterprise applications with social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook
  • Improving quality and efficiency for java application development teams by enhancing processes, tools and standards
  • Integration of open and legacy systems
  • Performance tuning of Java open source application


  • Development of robust, extensible, and easy to maintain desktop as well as web application using java technology and j2ee platforms.
  • Make secure and lightweight web application using various J2EE Frameworks like Struts, spring, Turbine etc
  • Decrease in bandwidth use by using technologies like Ajax, DWR and Extjs etc.
  • Extensible plug-ins development for the existing J2EE applications
  • J2EE applications to be migrated and ported onto different architectures
  • Migration of your software solutions to Java/J2EE platform
  • Migration of your application servers to Java/J2EE platform (e.g. apache, jboss, web logic, web sphere etc)
  • Consulting services on java-based software development that include java architecture and design evaluation
  • J2ME-based solution and application development
  • Follow agile based development & delivery process for application development. Performance tuning


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