Build better relationships with your customers. Powerful,
yet simple multi-channel customer service software. As a trusted Zendesk® implementation partner, CoolTalent will help you maximise your investment in Zendesk® and ensure that it is implemented and fine tuned to your intricate business needs. Our team of Zendesk® Masters will make your transition to Zendesk® smooth and rewarding. Or read below about our Zendesk integration services. As an AUTHORIZED PARTNER, CoolTalent are the go-to experts for Zendesk® in the Belgian region. Our track record in the region is second to none, having delivered successful Zendesk® implementations for the telecommunications, retail, fashion, group buying, e-commerce and IT industries.


Powerfull Ticket Management

Centralize all your customer conversations so nothing gets ignored and everything is searchable from one place. Easily organise, prioritize and engage with others on support requests to ensure your customers get accurate and timely responses.

Help Customers Help Themselves

Unleash a vibrant online community for your customers, employees, and partners. Give your users the power to find answers and create conversation by building discussion forums and a knowledge base in your Zendesk.

Connect with your customers
anywhere, anytime

Enable conversations via multiple customer support channels — web, email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, online chat, community forums, knowledge bases and more.

Gain Instant Insight Into Your
Support Activities

Improve your organization’s support operation by effectively measuring team and individual performance, alongside customer trends.

Maintain Your Brand’s Unique
Look and Feel

Create a seamless user experience by easily customizing your help desk to match your brand’s look and feel.

Close The Loop Between Support
And Other Departments

Extend your customer data and conversations by integrating your Zendesk® with key business tools. Over 90 out-of-the-box integrations along with our robust, open API make it easy to connect Zendesk® to your other critical business solutions.

Our Network of Consultants

We have a network of seasoned experts with management and technical expertise that spans many industries, from retail and health care to insurance and financial services.We find the individuals with the best skills to meet your requirements and solve your most pressing business needs.And unlike many big firms, we don’t come in and sell you on our company, then assign junior staff.As your trusted advisers, CoolTalent’s leadership will be with you every step of the process.

Our Skills

Our Senior Partner Christiano Braem is available to discuss this

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