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An effective Project Management Office (PMO) drives control of change in an organisation. As part of our PMO Services, we offer a perpetually fit-for-purpose PMO tailored to your business and managed as a service by a true specialist in PMO strategy and delivery.
In an age where increasing complexity is rapidly eclipsing the ability of Boards to manage it, Project Office Management is no longer an administrative back-room function. Instead, it has become the vital control centre in any organisation wishing to prove itself as more adaptable to the market than its competitors.
Whether it sits at a project, program or portfolio level, the PMO plays an increasingly important key role in the consistency of decision making, best practice delivery, managing risk and budgetary management. It provides assurance in terms of delivery, compliance and control. Executed correctly, the PMO becomes an enabler of rapid, efficient and safe business change.
CoolTalent are PMO consultants, offering a consultative approach to creating the PMO that best suits the needs of your organisation. Blending best practice with a tailored design, we ensure we are able to manage it for you as a consistent, continuous, scalable and measurable service.
In effect, what we are offering you is perpetually fit-for-purpose PMO support, managed as a service by an expert partner – someone who takes accountability for its performance, shares the risk for its cost-efficiency and provides the global capability and reach to match your change portfolio and PMO strategy.


PMO as a Service (PaaS) from CoolTalent enables you to:
  • Increase the success rate of your projects and avoid costly failures
  • Gain a specialist partner with real accountability for performance
  • Access on-demand subject matter expertise for portfolio, program and project management
  • Benefit from our economies of scale
  • A predictable cost
  • Obtain PMO capability to match your global footprint, including for follow-the-sun requirements
  • Receive best practice refinements from the CoolTalent community across industries


Implementing a PMO is often thwart with challenges. If you do not already have a PMO set up, CoolTalent can provide expert insight to help you establish one quickly. We can help you create your PMO strategic plan, define the performance measures, design a central delivery framework with integrated governance, create the right PMO tools and processes and provide the initial resource to get you going.

We take a pragmatic approach to developing a tailored PMO for our clients based on our many years of experience. We will design a fit-for-purpose solution that will scale with your PMO strategic plan and meet your unique challenges but keep it simple and straightforward.

You can then choose to continue the service with CoolTalent while you gradually build up and strengthen your internal PMO capability and expertise. Throughout the process, we’ll help you with knowledge management and the transfer of skills to your new staff, mentoring them and inducting them in PMO best practice.


Staying at the leading-edge of Project Management Office best practices is one of the reasons that many of our clients have chosen PMO as a Service from CoolTalent.

Because we operate PMOs across many diverse industries, for organisations with different sizes, structures and working cultures, we have exclusive insight and are able to show you how to adapt leading PMO processes, methodologies and activities to be most effective in your business. We are also familiar with all the leading PMO Tools and can help you select and adapt the tools that will best suit your needs, we are entirely independent and believe in the right tool for the right job.


There is a world of difference between the theory of good governance and its execution. Too little governance and there is not enough clarity for decision-making. Too much PMO governance and all momentum is lost to vital programs. One size does not fit all.

Unfortunately, all too often PMO governance is not assumed to be a key part of the operation of the PMO. Consequently, it is layered on where it provides only perfunctory benefit, or simply slows down the efficient working of the PMO

We have specialist expertise in the set up, launch and implementation of effective portfolio governance structures, including supporting you with adapting and optimising your framework to make governance truly integrated into the PMO.


We staff all of the PMO services we provide with real experts, not administrators. Everyone we deploy has a proven track record of delivery and will be able to deliver quickly. Each member of team is able to draw on CoolTalent’s wider PMO experience, whether its best practice in other industries or lessons learned on previous client assignments. We also make available the insight of our wider community of practitioners around PPM (Portfolio, program, project, PMO management.


Wherever you think your organisation lies against PMO maturity models, we as open to providing you with practical and actional insight to improving your PMO still further.

CoolTalent is able to offer a PMO assessment to review it in context of your organisation and its ambitions.

Our Senior Partner Christiano Braem is available to discuss this

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