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Twenty-first centuries is all about transforming towards a digitization that can result tremendous impact on the way IT organization perform and the way service are delivered to business user. Keeping an eye on this paradigm organizations are focusing on cloud to avail the benefit from scalability, effectiveness, cost-efficiencies that cloud computing facilitate.A digital Workplace streamlines your internal communications and allows common use of Basic Documents.Through the Digital Workplace Can People lot easier Working in teams, workgroups, projects … It Makes moreover for THAT existing knowledge within an Enterprise Fast Sharing Is.

CoolTalent is an Atlassian Expert Partner. The company provides the following Atlassian and Jira consulting services to companies and institutions:

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Setup
  • Administration
  • Support
  • Licencing
  • Management

CoolTalent consultants have been supporting Atlassian products and Jira for many years.

We pride ourselves on our depth of experience with the software and its add-ons, and our goal is to help your organisation use it to it’s full potential.

Atlassian products can be used equally well by large and small organisations and on large and small projects.

Atlassian includes several complimentary products. These include:

We also recommend the following sites for further information:

Our Senior Partner Christiano Braem is available to discuss this

Contact me by Email or by mobile phone 0471/03.03.03  between 07.30 and 22.30 in the evening.


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