Architecture Services

Architecture Services

The CoolTalent Practice has a number of core competencies and services to help you develop a flexible and aligned IT Strategy and Architecture:

Enterprise Architecture

  • Business Modeling skills to help you define and agree your key business capabilities and business processes models
  • Information architecture skills to help you define the information, data models, relationships and ownership rules you will need to support your key processes
  • Application architecture skills to help you define which applications you will need to automate your key processes including defining application integration and interfaces
  • Infrastructure architecture consulting to help you define the technical architecture required to operate your applications and information including networks, security, server, desktop and internet infrastructure

Solutions Architecture

  • Providing technical leadership on major IT Projects
  • Ensuring that all technical aspects of your major IT Project solutions including business processes, applications, information and infrastructure are fully integrated into a single overall solution
  • Working in conjunction with the Project Manager to communicate all aspects of the project process and solution to all key project Stakeholders
  • Ensuring that the project process and outcomes are fully aligned with the desired future state of IT within the business
CoolTalent’s Enterprise Architecture services can be delivered by standalone IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture engagements or we can supplement your existing IT Architecture team resources by undertaking specific projects.

Our service mix may include development of an Enterprise Capability, Information or Process Model through to the development of a Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence or Enterprise Integration Strategy.

Our Solution Architecture resources are usually engaged for the duration of an IT project but we can also provide specific services including providing an independent QA of a project solution during any project phase.


  • We will help you optimise your IT spend by ensuring that all your Application, Infrastructure & Resource expenditure is aligned with your overall IT Strategy and Business Objectives
  • We will help you develop a flexible IT environment which can react quickly to your changing Business needs
  • We will ensure that your major IT projects deliver flexible, cost effective IT solutions which fully meeting your business requirements

Our Senior Partner Christiano Braem is available to discuss this

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