Smart Sourcing

“Personalised and tailer-made recruitment solutions a two-way partnership”

As your global ICT staffing partner, CoolTalent can recruit those profiles for:


  • Efficient secondment at lower cost: smartsourcing
  • ICT secondment according to pay per use
  • Demonstrable cost savings of 35 to 50 percent
  • We hire only ICT specialists at top level
  • Transparent reporting hours per seconded
  • You need of flexible, energetic ICT expertise.
  • But your budget is under pressure, and your workload fluctuates.

Smart sourcing combines the benefits of posting with payment according to pay per use. You then always the same external ICT specialists available.

But you pay only hours worked, not the bench seating.

ICT secondment according to pay per use

Classical posting is not cheap. IT professionals are, after all, only 65% ??of their time productively.
  • Just before the end of the project, productivity high, outside low.
  • At smartsourcing you pay only the hours that work really posted.
  • The result is a saving of at least 35%.

Secondment flexible, flexible cost

Smart sourcing in advance selects a set number of hours.

The more hours you purchase, the lower the hourly rate – a substantial cost advantage for large projects.

Further you can define yourself when seconded IT professionals spend those hours productively.

There is temporarily no work? Then we take the secondment in that period ‘back’.

You pay no empty hours, but the professional leaving it available to you.

Cost-effective, transparent posting

CoolTalent not only guarantees a reduction in your IT secondment costs by 35 to 50%, we support it.

Each posted, you will receive a comprehensive, transparent monthly report.

In it you will see exactly the billable hours and the tasks carried out in the posted hours.

Already provided?

Smart sourcing is fully fit into your existing posting.

Useful, for example if you already have fixed partners or preferred suppliers working..

Our Senior Partner Jonas Vandeputte is available to discuss this

Contact me by Email or by mobile phone +32/468 12 26 63 between 07.30 and 22.30 in the evening.


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