Permanent Recruitment Needs



“Personalised and tailer-made recruitment solutions a two-way partnership”. As your global/local ICT staffing partner, CoolTalent can recruit those profiles for: Permanent Recruitment Needs We usually work on a no-cure no-pay basis to select and recruit your ideal future employee. Depending on the level of the position and complexity of the mission, we may request exclusivity and the payment of an advanced fee.

Our Network of Consultants

We have a network of seasoned experts with management and technical expertise that spans many industries, from retail and health care to insurance and financial services.We find the individuals with the best skills to meet your requirements and solve your most pressing business needs.And unlike many big firms, we don’t come in and sell you on our company, then assign junior staff.As your trusted advisers, CoolTalent’s leadership will be with you every step of the process.

Our Skills

Our Senior Partner Jonas Vandeputte is available to discuss this

Contact me by Email or by mobile phone +32/468 12 26 63 between 07.30 and 22.30 in the evening.


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