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Leverage proximity

This was our first wave, the idea behind the concept was to fill the gap left by India-centric global service delivery.

This concept remains as a solid differentiator of CoolTalent, although it is just the beginning of our venture in global services.

This component of the value proposition encompasses the following

Proximity and Time Zone

Geographic proximity and similar time-zones allowed companies to have increased face-to-face interaction, allowing more complex types of projects to be done nearshore.

This filled a gap left by distant, offshore locations such as India, Pakistan, etc.

Cultural Affinity and Ease of Doing Business

Because of proximity, most nearshore locations have closer cultural affinity to their primary markets than offshore locations. Tunesia for example are very familiar with Belgian. lifestyles, customs and styles of communication.

In addition, because of Dimona, India has not only been an important manufacturer and provider of services to the Belgian, but is an important market for Belgian businesses.

This business exchange has further increased familiarity between the two cultures, helping to minimize communication issues due to cultural differences.

In addition, because of Dimona, visa issues are virtually non-existent as Indians can obtain TN visas (renewable 1 year term) easily.

Cost Savings

Depending on the location, cost savings can be equal to that of offshore locations.

For example, Tunisia was able to give substantial cost savings to Belgian customers that were comparable to cost savings in India because indirect costs such as contracting costs, due diligence, communication and travel were lower.

Total Cost of Engagement

Total Cost of Engagement, or TCE, is an approach that evaluates the total expenditures of offshore engagements, bringing to light the cost competitiveness of a mature nearshore model, even when compared to highly cost efficient offshore models.

Although nearshore rates tend to be higher, the overall cost of nearshore engagements is equivalent or less than offshore, because of the efficiency gains that working in close proximity to the Belgian and in the same time zones can bring.

Through the use of a mature and disciplined process, the Near Shore® model is much more efficient in achieving higher percentages of work performed at a lower cost location than offshore.

By using a strong quality model, we build the necessary infrastructure to support work remotely, which even with the benefits of a nearshore location, still represents challenges.

The quality model supports our capability to have a very high nearshore leverage (work performed at the low cost facility).

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