Security Managers

Security Managers work in corporate or retail settings and maintain the safety of shoppers and employees while also protecting the store or company from theft, vandalism or other crimes. Security Managers create and implement safety and security policies, train staff, review incident reports and evaluate safety and security risks.

Security Manager Duties and Responsibilities 

To fulfill their obligations to ensure the safety and security of corporations and retail stores, Security Managers must complete several tasks. We have reviewed several job listings and other resources and found the following among the core Security Manager duties and responsibilities.

Develop Safety and Security Policies

It is up to the Security Manager to create and implement safety and security policies and programs within a company. The Security Manager will create safety manuals and training materials to ensure that employees are knowledgeable about the policies. He or she will also ensure that all security personnel are trained in these policies.

Coordinate Safety Activities

Security Managers are responsible for ensuring that all employees are trained in how to respond in emergency and crisis situations. To that end, Security Managers will conduct training sessions and run drills so that employees know what to do in case of fire, tornadoes or other emergencies. Security Managers might create and oversee the activities of a safety committee.

Assess Physical Security and Safety Risks

As part of their job responsibilities, Security Managers attempt to minimize or eliminate safety and security mishaps by assessing risks and developing programs and plans to address these issues. They will review work habits and environments and make sure that methods and materials are complying with federal, state and local safety standards.


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