Employee Incentive Program

Employee Incentive Program

Our Mission

Achieve, Believe, Succeed is our motto, we deliver quality to our Internal Clients (Candidates/Freelancers) and External Clients (Our Customers)

Our Vision

In the vision of the long-term Services we at CoolTalent will stand central in all relationships. CoolTalent helps organizations to achieve a better results through professional advice about the correct use of human capital/services in a changing market.


Our commitment and mission is to provide excellent service to our clients and candidates, consistently meet established expectations, and set and maintain the highest standards and ethics demonstrated in the employment services industry.

1. Financial Rewards

While money might not be everything, it still means a lot! We offer financial bonuses to reward employees.

Example :

  • Pre-Paid Visa cards are convenient and easy to set up.
  • Project Milestone Bonuses
  • Ad hoc bonuses
  • Social & Networking Events

After a stressful day–or week–at work, most employees will want to relax and unwind. Host team gatherings and networking events and give them something to look forward to that is still connected with your work. Social activities will build camaraderie among your employees and strengthen the boss-subordinate relationship, which will lead to an increase in teamwork and job performance. Off-site events can be anything from a dinner or a night at the bar to a night out bowling or at the museum.

2. Points Program

We have a workplace points program in place that rewards employees for specific behaviours or for reaching certain goals. Typically, these points can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, or other items.

3. Learning Opportunities

As CoolTalent believes that a successful business is one that wants their employees to be successful as well. We offer employees the opportunity to improve their skills, knowledge, and education will allow them to not only keep their current jobs, but enable them to work towards promotions, and possibly work for the company in a variety of capacities.

4. Saying Thank You!

Seriously. CoolTalent beleives in more often than not, a simple “thank you” or “good job” from a manager can make a huge difference in the day-to-day life of an employee. Everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work, so have your managers, executives, and owners give employees special notifications, messages, or lunch meetings. After all, the difference between an ordinary workplace and an extraordinary workplace is just that little “extra.”


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