Become a Contractor-Freelance

Become a Contractor-Freelance

Our Mission

Achieve, Believe, Succeed is our motto, we deliver quality to our Internal Clients (Candidates/Freelancers) and External Clients (Our Customers)

Our Vision

In the vision of the long-term Services we at CoolTalent will stand central in all relationships. CoolTalent helps organizations to achieve a better results through professional advice about the correct use of human capital/services in a changing market.


Our commitment and mission is to provide excellent service to our clients and candidates, consistently meet established expectations, and set and maintain the highest standards and ethics demonstrated in the employment services industry.
We offer the FREE guidance to possible candidates/employees to become a freelance.

We guide people to what we think is the best option to become contractor/freelance.

We have a standard excelsheets which provides you a working tool as a investment tool for your future career as contractor.

As CoolTalent we deliver you a change without any nightmare to a contractor/freelance change.

A wide range of training and career development opportunities and certification opportunities are also available thourgh us as contractor/freelance: Thanks to the personal follow up we are able to provide real career opportunities and planning.

CoolTalent is able to offer high level training’s in various technologies and areas also for the contractors.

Those are available for our consultants(Human Capital).

Moreover, we offer a very competitive collaboration according to your skills and experience.

As an Contactor/freelance, you are always eager to take part in a wide variety of challenges and explore new opportunities.

Your solution-oriented approach enables you to overcome the technological, human hurdles that might stand in the way.

We aren’t just offering you a contract/job – we offer you an inspirational working environment.

You will be right on the cutting edge of technology and people management, working within multinationals, smaller innovative companies, that are driving innovation for today and tomorrow.

And since we know that you have big plans for the future, our priority is to help you hone your technical skills and develop the career path that is right for you.

Our values

  • We foster a positive corporate culture
  • We offer continuing education
  • We promote work-life balance

Our advantages:

  • We offer attractive salary packages
  • We encourage flexible working hours

If you need startup advice/long term advice,we are available during the evening to discuss your possible change

Our Senior Partner Jonas Vandeputte is available to discuss this

Contact me by Email or by mobile phone +32/468 12 26 63 between 07.30 and 22.30 in the evening.


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