Our Team

Our Approach

Great people makes a difference.

We simply find great people with a very digital mindset.

At CoolTalent, we are expert recruiters, uncovering quality and creating opportunities within the technology industry.

Our approach is built around placing high caliber candidates with exact alignment to the hiring manager’s needs.

After we’ve developed the job order form with a client, we work closely with the hiring manager and/or HR, to ensure mutual understanding and success.

But our discovery is about more than just finding talent.

We take time to truly get to know people and figure out how they can thrive – going well beyond the job description adherence.

Given CoolTalent foundations in ICT/Engineering, our recruiters understand many technical disciplines at a high level and are able to produce exceptional solutions.

Our Team

Elena Diatchenko


0471 48 19 77

Elena is a customer focused management executive with a passion for building, leading, and growing high performance teams.

Elana started his career in marketing and grew through management ranks within services companies.

The firm was created with Partners, CoolTalent, refers to the different approach and better results he was committed to delivering.

CoolTalent has grown into the firm he envisioned, servicing technology companies in the Belgium.

The growth of CoolTalent has been exponential the last two years

Jonas Van de Putte


+32/468 12 26 63

I believe in mutual respect and relying on personalities and talents by connecting these abilities to our company’s goal. This results in original and authentic behaviour which is often contempt and despised in the regular prescriptions of running a “people’s business”.

What I like is going into the opposite direction of the stream, making us stronger. Sometimes is choosing for the more difficult path or the longer way resulting in a more glorious and satisfying result.

A truly successful company is not the merit of one leader alone.

It is the result of all noses pointed in the same direction. It is a “groups effort and shall also be rewarded similarly.

For the future, my purpose is  creating a successful and respectful team with a winning mindset.


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